HOLY TRINITY - Personalized Sticker - Pack of 3 Identical Stickers - JUST THE STICKER

HOLY TRINITY - Personalized Sticker - Pack of 3 Identical Stickers - JUST THE STICKER

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Holy Trinity Personalized Sticker!

This listing is for a set of customized saintly stickers (3 identical copies of your selected design) featuring your favorite person (or pet, object, concept, etc.) as a saint. A one-of-a-kind gift! You can keep one sticker for yourself, give them all as a gift, whatever floats your boat.

Perfect for: DIY Candles! Wine Bottles! Your laptop! Your dog's laptop! These labels are NOT waterproof, please keep this in mind!


READY TO GIFT: Your stickers will arrive in an envelope via first class mail.



How To Order!

Get your customized stickers in a few easy steps:

1.) First, click the dropdown and select either 3, 6 or 9 stickers.

2.) Please type in EXACTLY what you want your gold banner to say (example "Sister of Goodness" or "Saint Buffy" - maximum 25 characters or click the ‘No Saint Name’ button if you’d prefer your design without a banner & name)

3.) Finally, click the ‘choose file’ button and upload a picture of whoever you’d like to saint! 

For Saint Designs with multiple people, there will be two or three ‘upload’ buttons, labeled to let you know which image you upload corresponds with each character in the design.

If two or more people or pets you’d like to ‘saint’ are in the same photo or in a photo with other people, please leave a comment describing which people you’d like in the photo to go on each specific character in the design.

(EXAMPLE: ‘Lady in the blue on the left should be the parent, man in red on the right should be the baby’ or 'the grey dog in this picture is the one I want to saint')



Custom design will come printed on a 3x6 glossy sticker with adhesive backing 


*PHOTO REQUIREMENTS: To create a quality product, we must insist you provide higher-quality, decently-lit photos (JPEG, PNG, etc.). We may ask you for another photo if the one you send will not work well for your design. Questions? Feel free to send us an email: gosaintyourselfshop@gmail.com